Thursday, June 19, 2008

First Atascosa County Clerk

Daniel Tobin was the first county clerk. He was elected in 1856 when the county was formed from expansive Bexar County. Daniel Tobin was born in South Carolina in about 1832 and came to Texas with his brother William. He married Josefa Elena Navarro at San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio on July 30, 1855. Josefa was the youngest child of Texas patriot, Jose Antonio Baldermo Navarro. Daniel was murdered in Atascosa County on June 5, 1871.


Aya said...

Wow! What an amazing picture and blurb about my great-great-great-great grandfather. Our family was unaware that he had been county clerk. We did, however, know that he had been murdered. Any more information would be greatly appreciated!

Barbara Westbrook said...

I posted a story about the Tobins. Look in the earlier posts, Atascosa and canned chili, something like that. Have you connected with the Friends of Casa Navarro group?or Al Gerdes? Do you have the big blue Navarro family history book? If not I'll give you the info. Barbara