Saturday, June 28, 2008

Abraham Geiger Martin

A.G.Martin was an influential man in Atascosa County in the 1800's. He served as county judge, county clerk and district clerk. He married Angela de Jesus Maria Blase Navarro, daughter of Luciano Navarro, granddaughter of Jose Antonio Navarro. They had one son who became county judge in Uvalde Co. That marriage ended in divorce in about 1857. A.G.Martin came to Atascosa County and married Mary Rutledge. A.G.Martin is buried in the Pleasanton City Cemetery.


R Borjas Jr said...

This gentleman signed the marriage certificate of my great-grand parents in Jun 1884. He sure could write very neatly back in the day.

R Borjas Jr said...

A.G. Martin signed my great-grand parents marriage certificate in Jun 1884. Very nice script I have to say.

Barbara Morris Westbrook said...

He signed so many documents!