Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Turnout for History Reenactment

It was a beautiful, sunny, morning, a perfect day to reenact some of the most important events in Pleasanton's history. March 24, 2012, the Atascosa County Historical Commission and a number of dedicated volunteers, after a great deal of planning did just that.

In 1861 one of the county commissioners, Elijah O'Brion, after riding, unarmed to check his horses on the Laparita, made a daring escape from the Indians, jumping over the Bonita Creek, with three arrows in his back, barely making it back to Pleasanton.

The Indian problems were bad out on the ranches. Jose Antonio Navarro wrote a letter to his son, Angel, and to the San Antonio Express, asking for help out on his ranch on the Atascosa Creek. These letters were read during the reenactment by Jim Coronado.

On March 29, 1862, Cpt. Lewis Maverick rode into Pleasanton and mustered men from Atascosa and surrounding counties into what would become Company E of the 32nd Texas Volunteer Cavalry. This would very soon become the 36th Wood's Regiment. More than 17 volunteer horse riders were on hand Saturday to represent the men who mustered in 1862.

During the war the county bought a large quantity of corn, took it to a San Antonio mission (San Wan in the county records)and had it ground into meal, then distributed it to the families who had men in the war. A horse drawn buggy was used during the reenactment to carry burlap sacks of corn, then it returned with cotton sacks of ground corn. Souvenir, miniature sacks were given to some in the crowd.

These events were recreated for a crowd of 80-100, finished by the men riding home on their horses, and taps played on a real bugle. Old-time music was played by fiddle and guitar throughout.

Additional photos can be found on the Atacosa County Historical Commission facebook page.

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