Monday, October 3, 2011

Dead Men Wore Boots Is Reprinted

Las Animas Press of San Antonio has just finished a Limited 2nd Edition of Carl L. Duaine's classic on the 32nd Texas Volunteer Cavalry of the Civil War. Originally issued in 1966 at only 500 copies, this uniquely regional account has in the interim gained national notice, praise, and stature. A rare and animated examination of the Trans-Mississippi sector of that great conflict, this work is now often referred to in scholarly works. Isolated copies to be found on the internet have run up to $450.

What distinguishes this work, besides the personal reports of men at war with their own people, are the meticulous collations of individual service records for an entire regiment, now in expanded format for easy reference. Included are even more annotated photos of men who were there, both those of special note and some now near forgotten.

With modern printing and greatly magnified charts, this is a much more accessible work. In this gently edited narrative of informed understanding and deep respect, this native son honors small town citizen-soldiers of mid-19th century Texas with the priceless insight and storytelling vigor for which he is known.

$37.50 the copy + $7.00 shipping (Texas residents, include sales tax: $3.00) Contact:


Howard Purgason said...

Hi, Barbara,
This is great! It was something that really needed doing. I'd like to see all the great old history books of this type reprinted.
My heartiest congratulations to Mr. Duaine!

Barbara Morris Westbrook said...

We are having a book signing for him on Saturday, November 5, at Pleasanton's city hall, which is built on the site of the old courthouse where the original muster took place. Wouldn't it be great to have Alan Duaine sign books out under one of the live oak trees that still stand there! If only his dad could be there!