Monday, September 5, 2011

Thank you Howard.....

I am new to your blog and wanted a chance to thank Howard for his Part 1 and Part 2 aritcles in the Atascosa County Chronicles! I very much enjoyed these articles.

I accidentally stumbled onto this blog while searching for information of the Men of the 36th Texas Calvary. I believe that my Great Grandfather was a member of Company E? I believe that he lived in Karnes County in 1861? I found his name on a rooster of the 36th, but I'm not positive as of yet. I understand that there is a company rooster in "The Dead Men Wore Boots"? His name was Eugene Archer and I believe that he was a private, in his twenties, when the War broke out? He was my Paternal Grandmother's Father. His Father, John Archer, also served as a captain during the War. John was a West Point graduate who moved his family from Maryland to Texas when Eugene was a young boy. I've heard that John was in his fifties in 1861, and he was stationed in Richmond during most of the war. I have been to the Virginia State Library and found brief paperwork that placed him there.

I live in Virginia, about forty five miles outside of Washington D.C. Only about fifteen miles from the Manassas Battlefield. My husband and I visited in and around San Antonio last March. While we were there, we located Eugene Archer's head stone in the Uvalde Cemetery. After serving in the War, he later became a Judge, just as his father had been. My Grandmother was born in Uvalde.


Howard Purgason said...

Hey, Gayle, thank you for your kind remarks. I looked in the 1890 roster in "Dead Man Wore Boots" and there's no Eugene Archer listed. But as I noted in the Part 3 article I posted today, Carl Duaine said that another 40 men should be added to the 1,147 names that are in the roster. So your ancestor may very well have been in the regiment. If you would like to contact me:
Good luck with your hunting!

Barbara Morris Westbrook said...

Gayle, thanks for posting and welcome to the blog! Barbara