Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Here are some photos showing the result of the remodeling. We found some stones in the ground in front of the building which made us believe it originally had a front porch, so we added the front porch to the main house. This caused the roof to look a little different from the earlier photos, but otherwise we maintained as much original size, shape, and content. I suspect this building was built in the 1845-1850 period, but this is just a guess. At that time, stone buildings were generally covered in stucco, to give it smooth, uniformly white appearance. When we bought the place, the stucco was falling off the walls in many places, but attached in others, and was very non uniform. We removed all the stucco, revealing handsome stonework which was previously covered up. These walls are about 18-24 inches thick, and are double-sided, with different stones facing different directions. The hollow space in the middle of the wall is filled with dirt, small rocks, sand, etc.

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