Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Charlotte History

Anybody know how the city of Charlotte got it's name? The common belief is that Charlotte, as well as Christine and Imogene, were named for Dr.Charles Simmons daughters. He was the great land developer in the area. The trouble is, Dr.Simmons didn't have daughters by those names.

The city is celebrating it's centennial anniversary on June 12. Mr.Norman Porter is presenting the history of the town on that day and has heard various stories about the naming of Charlotte. If you know the real story PLEASE post it or email me at


Elaine said...

Wish I did! Hope you find the real story. My mother taught elementary school in Charlotte in 67-68. I was at UT at the time, so I never really lived there, just made weekend and holiday visits.

Brian Blake said...

My g-grandfather was Joseph Finney Edwards (J F Edwards). He is the person who laid out the original townsite of Charlotte in 1910, in the shape of a wagon wheel, with the main roads as the spokes of the wheel. One of the town's streets is named Edwards Avenue, which I assume he named for himself. I have seen one history that attributes the town's name to one of his daughters, but his two daughters were named Lena and Corina. That doesn't answer your question, but that's all of the information I have.