Saturday, January 10, 2009

Historic Photo and Oral History Clinic

The Jourdanton Community Library and the Atascosa County Historical Commission are teaming up with the Institute for Texan Cultures on January 27, 28 and 29 to review old photos brought in by citizens from the area. Any Texas photos will be appreciated. The Institute will sort through them and make copies, returning the originals. The copies will be on file at the Institute in San Antonio for use by historians and possibly used for displays. The Atascosa County Public Libraries will also retain copies and may use them for special events, like the upcoming Jourdanton centennial celebrations. Several other Atascosa County towns are approaching the 100 year mark and will be celebrating as well. It's a great way to preserve your family photos. The event will take place at the Jourdanton Community Center, from 9:00-4:00.

There will also be a workshop to learn how to interview and record oral histories. That will take place on January 27, about 8:00 am, and interviews will be recorded throughout the day, and will continue on January 28. There will be bilingual interviewers on hand. There are many stories that need to be preserved before the history is lost. The Atascosa County Historical Commission will also go to private homes or nursing homes to record histories at any time.
The commission will retain the original recording and will make copies for the family of the interviewee.

So, bring your old photos and while you are waiting for them to be copied, participate in the oral history project. It will be a great thing to leave for your family and community for generations.

For information concerning the events call Dorothy at 830 769-3087 or if you have an elderly family member who can't get to the event call Barbara at 830 769-4333 and we'll go to their home.


Elaine said...

Sounds like a wonderful event, but I would like to confirm whether they want any Texas photos or only those from the Atascosa County area. Thanks!

Barbara Morris Westbrook said...

The Institute for Texan Cultures is interested in all Texas photos, the local libraries are mostly interested in Atascosa County photos so bring them all.They would like anything up through the '50s and 60's. They actually started this back in 2006, for the county sesquecentennial, and had a huge response. There were some great old pictures!I'll be running the oral history part, which we've never done, and we don't know what to expect. Hope we find some folks who want to talk to us!