Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Benton City Masonic Lodge #379

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The original two story rock building of the Benton City Institute was originally built by Mr. J.R. Sweeten (circa 1875 ). The upper story of this building was the first home of the Benton city Masonic Lodge #379. The lower floor was built to be used as a school and was always referred to The Benton City Institute. This picture displays several of the founding members of the original lodge. Noted on the back is, "this photo was taken in 1881".

The photo was acquired by the Benton City Historical Society in recent years and through a concentrated research effort, the names of most of these men are identified now and can be found on the list included with the picture. Any information or additions or corrections may be posted on this blog as a comment or contact James Collins at 830 709-3939 or email

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