Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Long Trip From Somerset to Pleasanton

The following appeared in the "Benton City Era". It was copied by J.Taylor Brite, who graciously provided it for all of us to enjoy.


Our jaunt to Pleasanton--on Thursday, the 28th of September, in company with one of our accomodating friends, we started to be present at the marriage of Mr.H.Nordhouse to Miss Jennie Morris, both of that city. We arrived there at 4 o'clock, after a long tiresome trip, as we expected to get a ducking all the way, for everything looked favorable for a deluge. Kind providence smiled on us, however, and we arrived at the promised land just in time to rest a few minutes, and feel refreshed for the happy occasion.

At 8 o'clock, all the invited guests assembled at the residence of the brides's father, when before the happy smiling faces of friends and relatives, they were united in the holy bonds of matrimony by Rev. Wools. The bride and groom were handsomely attired and looked as lovely as pictures; we must not forget to mention their charming attendants as they were the beauty and chilvary of *****.

After congratulations and a sumptious repast, which was splendidly gotten up, and a perfect success, we adjourned to the City Hall, decorated for the special use of the gay and merrymakers.

Dancing began early and we tripped the light-fantastic to the soft strains of the string-band, which was ably conducted by Profs. Smith and Ryman, until 10 o'clock. Never shall we forget the pleasures of that night, and we will always remember it as one of the happiest events of our lives; everything seemed conducted by fairy-hands, as all appeared happy and wore bright smiling faces.

Friday, the 29th, we had a long drive all over the town, to view by daylight, and were pleasantly surprised with the place and it's surroundings, returned in time to attend a social at residence of Mr.Musgrave given by the gallant beau of the city (long may they love and prosper).

Saturday, we turned our thoughts homeward, but just before our departure, we were honored by three handsome young gentlemen, who came to say goodby, as the nearest and dearest had to depart, so did we, and we left filled with pleasant memories and thoughts of that delightful little town and it's inhabitants. Last, but not least, we will return thanks to our clever host, Mr.Harrison, and his entertaining lady, for their hospitable attention during our short but sweet visit, which we trust will not be the last.


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Elaine said...

I enjoyed this story so very much, especially the delightful language of that era. Thank you for sharing it!