Monday, April 21, 2008

County Courthouse Under Construction in 1913

The Atascosa County seat was moved from Pleasanton to Jourdanton after an election held October 1, 1910. A lengthy court battle ensued, and Jourdanton finally built the court house that is still in use today. The architect who drew up the plans was H.T.Phelps who chose the Gordon-Jones Construction Company to do the building. Their bid for the construction was $65,000.


William Lawson said...

Phelps also designed the Old Atascosa County Jail building. The building is red brick with unusual crenelations.

Ruben Borjas Jr said...

I have a small reproduction of a Lee Ricks watercolor of what is suppose to be the previous courthouse.

Do have a history of the previous building? It is also a red brick building.

My great-grandparents obtained their marriage license in that building back in 1884.

Barbara Morris Westbrook said...

I'm guessing you mean the old red sandstone building in Pleasanton. It was torn down in 1956.It was actually built using locally quarried rock.