Friday, September 21, 2007

Sherman Descendants Visit Old Home

He never dreamed he'd have a chance to visit the home his great grandfather built in the 1860's, in fact, he didn't know the house was still standing. Charles Sherman, who is the family historian, knew that John Sherman once lived in Atascosa County and that he had built a home on the Palo Alto Creek, but by the 1880's John Sherman was operating a mill on the Guadalupe near what is now Ingram. When he received a call and discovered that John Preston (see previous post) was looking for Sherman descendants and that the old home was being renovated, he was excited. He eagerly provided the family history and old deeds to the place, including copies of the original land grant with Sam Houston's signature.

On Sunday, September 2, Charles Sherman, his son Charlie, daughter Cindy Hatfield and her son James, drove from Kerrville to Poteet to meet John Preston and to see the old home. Others who came to meet the Shermans were Norman Porter, Sr., chairman of the Atascosa County Historical Commission (ACHC), Morris Porter and Barbara Westbrook, members of the ACHC, and Clyde Westbrook, who went to school with John Preston. During the visit, Norman and Morris discovered some initials carved in an old door. They are believed to be those of Lorenzo D. Williams, father-in-law of John Sherman.

Following the visit at the property, the group went to Don Juan's in Poteet where Adrenia Weyland was waiting and lunch was served. Richard Franklin, Dolly Eichman, and Rudy Forge joined them. Rudy Forge's family once owned the property and he was born in the second story room. During that time they raised strawberries, all sorts of fruits and vegetables and operated a winery from "Palo Alto Farm". Mr.Forge shared many stories about his family on the farm, describing it as "a garden of Eden". Richard Franklin remembered stories his father told about the farm, and that the Palo Alto was a free flowing, clear water creek.

Everyone left feeling good about the day. Adrenia's writing a story for the Pleasanton Express. The ACHC plans to help John Preston get a Texas Historical Marker for the property. Hopefully, more folks will become interested in John Preston's historic home and offer stories and help with the project. For more information contact Barbara Westbrook at 830 769-4333 or drop by the Genealogical Society Library in Poteet.

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John Preston said...

Thanks Barbara for this nice account of the meeting out at the Palo Alto Farm. And thanks even more for continuing to be interested in seeing the old homestead get a historical marker. Cheers, John Preston